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Dr. Sobolevsky visited 49th NIPS International Symposium at Okazaki, Japan, on December 5-8, 2018

Published on 12.12.2018

NIPS symposium

The 49th NIPS international Symposium “ION CHANNELS: LOOKING BACK, SEEING AHEAD” was held at Okazaki, Japan in December 2018. As we are experiencing amazingly progressing world of bioscience, we can now obtain new information of molecular structure, protein-protein interaction, genetic regulation, biological functions and other aspects of ion channels. But we are still far from […]

iGluR retreat 2018, Pittsburgh, PA

Published on 08.07.2018

Dr. Sobolevsky at iGluR retreat 2018

This year iGluR retreat was held at University of Pittsburgh, July 31 – August 2. Dr. Alexander Sobolevsky presented the poster titled «Mechanisms of channel block in Calcium-Permeable AMPA receptors». This work was published in Neuron on August 16, 2018.

CMBS Integrated Program Retreat 2018

Published on 07.25.2018

Sobolevsky Lab at CMBS Integrated Program Retreat 2018

Luke presented his work on TRPV6 channel opening mechanism at Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences (CMBS) Columbia University Graduate Program Retreat 2018, Glen Cove Mansion, Glen Cove, NY.

2018 Ion Channels Gordon Research Conference

Published on 07.19.2018

GRC Ion Channels group photo

Dr. Alexander Sobolevsky presented a talk «Structural Mechanisms of Gating in Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors» at 2018 Ion Channels Gordon Research Conference at Mt. Holoyoke College, South Hadley, MA.

iGluR retreats

Published on 05.17.2018

iGluR retreat Pittsburgh PA 2018

The first ionotropic glutamate receptor retreat (iGluRetreat) was organized by Dr. Gabriela Popescu (University of Buffalo, NY) and Dr. Derek Bowie (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and was held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in 2013.

DEAN’s award

Published on 05.15.2018

DEAN’s award

To be named DEAN’s award recipient is a tremendous accomplishment! Congratulations, Ed! Hooding ceremony, Columbia University Medical Center, May 13, 2018.

Ed Twomey on PhD

Published on 04.05.2018

Congratulations to Ed Twomey on PhD!

Here is the poster of the today’s PhD defense of Ed Twomey.