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Dr. Sobolevsky visited 49th NIPS International Symposium

Published on 12.12.2018

NIPS symposium

The 49th NIPS international Symposium «ION CHANNELS: LOOKING BACK, SEEING AHEAD» was held at Okazaki, Japan in December 5-8, 2018.

As we are experiencing amazingly progressing world of bioscience, we can now obtain new information of molecular structure, protein-protein interaction, genetic regulation, biological functions and other aspects of ion channels. But we are still far from satisfactory understanding of the ion channels, particularly for their gating behavior. This Symposium was about review and summarize the current status, and establish the target and the strategy of the ion channel research for the next ten years or so. Speakers included visiting Professors from USA, France, Canada and Spain, as well as many from Japan. It was scheduled at a timing of the retirement of the Director General of NIPS, Professor Imoto, in March 2019.