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Published on 08.20.2019


Dr. Sobolevsky was an invited speaker at the Russian International Conference on Cryo-EM, Moscow, Russia, June 2-5, 2019. The title of the talk was «Structural and functional studies of vanilloid subtype TRP channels».

Leading researchers from Russia, Europe and the USA took part in this conference. Recent advances in deciphering the atomic structure of macromolecules using cryo-electron microscopy and various aspects of sample preparation were discussed at the conference. Beside scientific program all attendees were invited to tour Moscow on buses and enjoy spectacular city view from Moscow city Federation tower 89th floor.

On the 89th floor of Federation tower. Moscow city.
Moscow University Botanical garden tour, peony in full bloom. MSU, Moscow, Russia
RICCEM 2019 attendees at the Biological Sciences Building entrance, MSU, Moscow, Russia