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Sobolevsky lab, January 17th, 2020

Alexander Sobolevsky – PI /Associate Professor
Alexander SobolevskyPI / Associate Professor

Dr. Sobolevsky graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1996 and received his PhD in biophysics in 2000. Then he joined Dr. Lonnie Wollmuth lab at the SUNY at Stony Brook. In 2004 he joined Dr. Eric Gouaux lab at OHSU. He received independent position as Assistant Professor at Columbia university in September, 2010. In 2017 Dr. Sobolevsky was promoted to Associate Professor.

Maria Yelshanskaya – Research Assistant / Lab Manager
Maria YelshanskayaResearch Assistant / Lab Manager

Maria joined the lab in 2010.

Marriah Green – Gradute Student (Nutrition Program)
Marriah GreenGraduate Student (Nutrition Program)

Marriah joined the lab in 2018.

Shanti Pal Gangwar – Post-doctoral Research Scientist
Shanti Pal GangwarPost-doctoral Research Scientist

Shanti joined the lab in 2019.

Kirill Nadezhdin – Post-doctoral Research Scientist
Kirill NadezhdinPost-doctoral Research Scientist

Kirill joined the lab in 2019.

Oleg KlykovPost-doctoral Research Scientist

Oleg joined the lab in 2020

Arthur NeubergerPost-doctoral Research Scientist

Arthur joined the lab in 2020

Nikita Kupko
Nikita KupkoUndergraduate Student

Nikita joined the lab in 2019

Nicholas LillisUndergraduate Student

Nicholas joined the lab in 2019

Jeffey Khau
Jeffrey KhauUndergraduate Student

Jeffrey joined the lab in 2019


Appu Kumar Singh - Post-doctoral Research Scientist
Appu Kumar SinghPost-doctoral Research Scientist

In the lab: 2014-2019.

Current position: Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur, India.

Jesse B. Yoder – Post-doctoral Research Scientist
Jesse B. YoderPost-doctoral Research Scientist

In the lab: 2019.

Current position: Scientist at IMCA-CAT.

Luke McGoldrick – Gradute Student
Luke McGoldrickPhD candidate, Research Fellow (Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Studies)

In the lab: 2016-2019.

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University (Juan-Ju Chung lab).

Edward Twomey – Graduate Student
Edward TwomeyGraduate Student (Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Studies)

In the lab: 2014-2018.

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School (Tom Rapoport lab).

Kei Saotome – Graduate Student (Biochemistry Program)
Kei SaotomeGraduate Student (Biochemistry Program)

In the lab: 2013-2017.

Current position: Scientist at Regeneron (Tarrytown, NY)

Minfen Li – Postdoctoral Fellow
Minfen LiPostdoctoral Fellow

In the lab: 2011-2013.

Current position: Scientist at Accelagen Inc.