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Farewell Party for Appu

Published on 01.21.2020

It is time for Appu to say goodbye to one chapter in his life and hello to the next — an exciting new career opportunity as an Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur, India. What better way to celebrate this special time than a «Going away party»?


Appu joined the lab in 2014, when lab was in the beginning of exciting journey toward TRPV6 crystal structure, which was solved by Appu and Kei in 2016, work is published in Nature.

Sobolevsky lab, 2016

Appu is an author on 13 papers in high impact journals including Nature, Science, NSMB, Science Advances, Neuron, etc. We will always treasure time you spent in our lab.

Sobolevsky Lab Team
Sobolevsky lab, Oct 25th, 2019

We wish you best of luck in your independent scientific career!