“iGluR retreat”, Pittsburgh, PA 2018

The first ionotropic glutamate receptor retreat (iGluRetreat) was held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in 2013 and has been subsequently held on a yearly basis, in 2014 at Buffalo, NY; 2015 at Albany, NY; 2016 at Montreal, Canada; 2017 at Yale, CT. The goal of the meeting is to exchange ideas and to promote stimulating discussions amongst researchers from different disciplines; from functional to structural approaches, computational modeling, medicinal chemistry to synaptic physiology. Attendees and speakers include both principal investigators and trainees, and it has grown to include researchers from around the world.


This year iGluR retreat will be held at University of Pittsburgh, July 31 – August 2.

Invited speakers are:

  •     Ivet Bahar (University of Pittsburgh)
  •     Ian Coombs (University College London)
  •     Yan Dong (University of Pittsburgh)
  •     Hiro Furukawa (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
  •     Alasdair Gibb (University College London)
  •     Albert Lau (Johns Hopkins University)
  •     Linda Nowak (Cornell University)
  •     Pierre Paoletti (École Normale Supérieure)
  •     Lania Rubio (University of Pittsburgh)
  •     Mike Salter (University of Toronto)
  •     Yael Stern-Bach (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  •     Sharon Swanger (Virginia Tech)
  •     Weifeng Xu (MIT)

Official retreat website can be found here


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